How to choose a domain name that will last

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Choosing the right domain name is basically one of the best things you can ever do for your business. While it looks like an easy decision to make, it’s actually not. It requires a lot of research, some spending and most importantly, second and third party participation. Here are some of the few things you should always consider when choosing your domain name.

 Does it match your brand name?

Your brand name is what defines your business and having a domain name that matches this is essential. Basically, when looking for the right name, start with the options that are in line with what you do and can easily give a clear picture of who you are to both new and existing clients.

 Is it easy to spell and read?

A good domain name should be easy to spell, read and remember. It should not be complicated for this reason alone will make many people avoid searching for it online. Some of the main things that make simple names complicated include the use of hyphens and numeric in between letters.

 Do not go over the top with keywords

A good, creative domain name will always beat a keyword-heavy domain name. I’m not in any way suggesting that you should avoid using a domain name with a keyword. Instead, I am for the idea that a domain name that has been developed using a specific keyword should actually make sense and at the same time relate to the products or services the owner is dealing with.

 Does it have the right TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. A TLD domain is the part which normally comes after your domain name and before your subpages. Apart from .com, some of the most common TLDs today include .org, .net, .co and .us. It goes with saying that a domain name with the .com TLD stands a better chance of being visited as compared to all the other options. So, if you get a chance to acquire one, make sure you take it.

 Is it unique?

This is perhaps one of the few critical questions you should ask yourself before acquiring a specific domain name. A unique domain name will make you stand out and in the process avoid unnecessary competition. In addition, it will help you avoid legal battles since you will not be required to prove ownership in case someone with a similar name challenges you in court.

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