How to choose a domain name

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Maybe you are starting a new company, introducing a new brand or merely trying to revamp your old brand? Either way, you are going to need a domain name and eventually a website.

Domain names have an enormous impact all over the internet in terms of click-through rates from search to social media results, by referring links, type-in traffic, offline advertising and brand. Needless to say, your domain name will always play a key role in promoting your brand and ensuring different clients find you online whenever they do get online and carry out some research. The following article provides reliable tips that can help you make the right domain name choice.

 Make it brandable

Brandable means that when someone hears or sees your domain name, he automatically thinks of the services or products you sell. To end up with a brandable domain name, you should avoid hyphens and numbers since they usually sound generic and strange.

 Make it pronounceable

An easy to pronounce domain name will go a long way in ensuring your target clients easily find you. Basically, as human beings, we usually prefer memorizing things that we can easily pronounce and write down.  This means that if your domain name is difficult to pronounce and write down, many people will quickly forget it and your brand name in general. Thus, go for options that can be easily pronounced and remembered.

 Make it short and simple

Length matters a lot and the fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to say, type and share. Some of the best performing brands like Google, Twitter, Amazon and Pinterest have mainly very few characters of about 6 to 8 letters.

 Be bias towards .com

Even though it is 2018 and the .com topic is considered to be old and irrelevant, you still need to focus on having a domain name with the extension. Basically, many people still believe that .com extension is the best and more official as compared to all the other options. In addition, a good number of people only know the .com extension and will rarely consider visiting domain names which have other extensions like .org, .co etc.

 It is okay to append or modify it

If your domain name is unavailable, you can add a prefix or a suffix to it. You can also use an alternative TLD extension, provided you make it clear to your clients so that they do not use the wrong one when searching for your services.

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